Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Addiction

Hello All, 
My enabler and I went back to Trinity on Tuesday and of course had a great time as usual.  This time we put in by 6:30AM and fished until around 1.  When we first arrived there was a great layer of fog blanketing the river which made for a beautiful site and some cool pictures.   The fishing was slow but it was nice just to get out again.  Josh caught a few bait fish and one decent large mouth and I found a perch kingdom and landed 6 of em back to back to back.  All in all it was a great day to be a photographer and fisherman. 


Dustin Doskocil 



  1. Fantastic photos! I came across your blog through Texas Kayak Fisherman. I bank fish the Trinity on a fairly regular basis. I was thinking about launching my kayak from under the University bridge and fishing the area west from the Colonial back towards the zoo. Where were your photos taken?

    1. Thank You.
      Thats exactly where we ported. We didn't have much luck towards town but inside Kelly Park has been pretty good so far. Also, if you go down to where White Settlement goes over the river you'll find some steps that make portaging a little easier.

      Happy Fishing,