Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fun in the Snow

One of the scariest things as a photographer is to adventure with your camera, leses, flashes and whatever else you may need to get a great shot strapped to your back.  But thats what I do.  I take my camera everywhere: kayaking, hiking, climbing, biking, snowboarding, you name it.  I may be slower than most due to the fact that I always have 30 lb's of extra equipment attached to me and I may not get to just sit back and enjoy a beautiful sunset but its always worth it when I come home and get to relive those memories again.  
I recently attended a Joe McNally seminar and received a copy of Perfect Effects for attending.  This program is really cool, may not always be perfect but really cool to play around with.  So I took a few images from my trip to Vail and had a little fun.
Hope you enjoy. 

-Dustin Doskocil