Monday, October 7, 2013

Inks Lake 8.5 pounder

Last weekend I went out to Inks Lake State Park for a family campout.  I took the opportunity to hook up with Ray Martinez from NuCanoe on Friday morning and I got some great shots. Including Ray pulling in an 8LB 8OZ large mouth bass.  Inks has so many spots that look fishy that it really is had to pick and even harder to fish it all.  Before leaving, I found another part of the lake that I didn't even see by kayak but while on a hike with my sister, her son and husband.  It had trees poking out of the water all around.

I fished Friday and Saturday morning and the bite didn't seem to turn on until around 10 or 11 both days.  However, it was cloudy with off and on rain storms both days. 

When I saw this, even my heart started racing. 

Ray said this was his biggest yet

Monster bass at 8LB 8OZ

I had to catch a couple.

After a good morning of fishing, I met up with the fam for some more fun.  Thanks to Mountain Sports Arlington I brought a yak as well as a SUP, plus my aunt and uncle had a few boats to play in. 


My brother in law Blake and I got up early the next morning to fish for a few hours.  He brought his fly rod down from Denver and landed a few perch from the SUP. 

My first Guadalupe Bass.

I caught a couple bass that morning. 

My sis and nephew Mason. 

Cousin Rachel. 

Thanks and have a great day.

Dustin Doskocil


  1. Awesome trip. Super jealous of the monster you caught. Love me some yak fishing!

  2. Are you related to Ben Doskocil? My Dad sold Doskocil boxes for the Petmate products.

  3. AWWWSOME PICS!! I'm sure NuCanoe would like to see some of those on their website....