Saturday, June 6, 2015

Hooters at Caddo Lake

I recently took a trip to Caddo Lake with my buddy Josh Walker from Mountain Sports in Arlington.  We loaded up our kayaks with a few days worth of gear and beer and headed out to Goat Island.  Caddo is a magical place and while its easy to find yourself lost without a paddle trail sign in site, with the help of a gps unit you can easily find your way. 

Paddle trails are marked with paddle signs and license plates. 

Incredible views everywhere you look and the way the light comes through the Spanish moss is fantastic. 

Goat Island camp site. 

While the fishing was slow, Josh found a few here and there. 

Not sure what kind of bird this is. 


As we were loading up our boats Josh said to me "I hope we hear some owls"
Little did we know that they were going to be everywhere. 

Barred owls 

This is how you get lost.  The invasive species, giant salvinia seems to move throughout the day along with the parts of the forest looking the same and having many different paths to take can make for an interesting trek.  Always carry a gps so that you at least know your going in the right direction. 

The #mosquitos can get really bad once the sun goes down but building a fire helps. 


#bassfishing #kayakfishing 

We eat pretty well when we camp. 

I was throwing a topwater frog and this owl was flying around me scoping it out.  I put down my rod and was taking pictures of him flying when he swooped down and picked it up off the water.  One quick jerk of the rod and it came out of his talons.  Catching an owl would be bad news and I don't recommend it to anyone. 

More #barredowls


Night #paddling was fun


Again, some more #owls

The one that got away.

And again

We had to deal with a little rain out there but nothing to bad when your properly prepared for it. 

Great lighting through the moss


Hope y'all enjoyed.  You can check out more of my work on my website at and feel free to contact if you have any photo assignments 

Dustin Doskocil