Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Brazos River bellow Possum Kingdom

Hey Y'all
I went out to the Brazos River 2 weekends in a row just below the PK dam.  This part of the river is beautiful and we caught a lot of fish too.  This was a few weekends ago and Im sure they are still releasing water but from one week to the next I noticed a drop in the amount of fish caught. 

The first time I went out with Josh.
Josh Walker from Mountain Sports in Arlington paddling the Jackson Coosa HD around the bridge at put in. 

The current here can be taxing and you may have to do some dragging. 



Possum Kingdom Dam

Sight fishing is fun but you have to be aware that the fish can see you too


All together we caught about 40 bass and striper.  Nothing very big but the numbers make up for it. 

The next weekend I went out with my dad, R.J. Hinkle, and Andy Worner.  The fishing was a little slower but we each ended up with over 10 fish and had a great time doing it. 


Big fish, little fish

More dragging

kiss my fish

Nothing satisfies an appetite after a morning of fishing better than some good Texas BBQ and Hashknife on the Chisholm is right down the road and has all the goods. 

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