Monday, September 11, 2017

Kayak Fishing and the Eclipse

The 2017 eclipse is a day many will remember, it's a day when millions of Americans stopped what they were doing and stepped outside to gaze at the sun in wonder.  Roger Colledge and myself decided it was good day to go bass fishing.  We traveled 3 hours to the Colorado, Nebraska border with 0 sleep to get on the morning bite and this is how the day went: 

I'm not sure which one of these 2 I like better. 

I had a big one on and it probably would have been my pb but after spinning me in a full circle she dragged me full speed into her layer to got off the hook.  After shaking it off and the tree branches out of my boat, I took this shot of where she lives.  
I'll be back to find her again soon.

This is what Sam looks like after a long day of bass fishing. 

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