Friday, May 11, 2012

Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge

Hello All,
This past Tuesday My buddy Josh and I took a couple of boats out to the Fort Worth Nature Center to do some fishing and Gator watching.  We put in about 8AM and had a whole lot of action on cotton candy pink worms within the first two hours but didn't catch anything.  We did see a gator though.  This guy was about 8ft long and when we approached him he started swimming down stream.  So naturally, I followed him for a while trying not to get to close but I did get a few pics.  At around 1 or  2 we started noticing fish hitting the the top so we casted and casted and changed bait a couple of times.  It seemed as thought the fish were to small to take the flys and bait that we were throwing until one finally did.  Josh caught either a hybrid or sand bass on his fly rod with a wooly buger.  This thing wasn't that big but put up a good fight.  I wasn't very impressed with the fishing but the place is amazing and full of nature.  


Dustin Doskocil 

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