Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Supin' at Wheeler Branch

On Sunday Sam and I went out to Wheeler Branch with Josh and his new stand up paddle board for a very windy day on the lake.  He just bought the Reel by NRS and boy is it fun.  This is the first time either one of have been to WB and between the three of us we had about 2hrs of Supin' before today.  The two year old lake looks great and clean with clear, green water that gets up to 80ft deep and apparently holds walleye.  We were there to try and catch some bass on this particular day.  Unfortunately, we didn't have any luck.  We did however see some 2-3lb bass in the shallows so we think they may be spawning right now.  I have a feeling we will be going back to this lake because it caters to kayak fishing and has plenty of beautiful wildlife.  
Now for the board.  This thing was awesome.  As you can see, my 70lb dog Sam can ride comfortably in the back with enough room to stand up, sit down, or even spread out and take a nap.  The Yeti makes for a great seat and storage for your beverages and still leaves plenty of space for all your gear to ride comfortably up front (in dry bags of course).  The Reel is so wide and sturdy, at one point I was in the Cuda behind Josh and Sam was standing on the back  corner to where it was 2-3 inches under water while Josh was paddling.  With Sam in the back moving around, I never felt like we were even close to tipping over.  I even paddled with my camera strapped to my back and fishing off of this craft is as easy as standing on the bank.  This thing handles like the Lexus of boats.  Getting in and out and around the trees are super easy.  This is a must have for any true fisherman.  

Dustin Doskocil

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