Colorado April 2010

My long time friend of 14 years, Joshua Walker and I decided since our birthdays are only one day apart, we had to celebrate lucky number 27 together. Our plans were vague but we knew it was going to be something to remember. Since we are both artists and both very active in the outdoor community it only made sense that we would go to Colorado for our journey.

Those of you who do not know me, I am Dustin Doskocil an adventure photographer living in Dallas TX and these are some of my favorite photographs from our incredible adventure together. I hope you enjoy.

On the first day we decided to go to Winter Park for a day of boarding with my brother in law, Blake. Boy were we surprised when they got 5 inches the night before and when we got to mountain it snowed all day long including some bursts of almost white out conditions.

Josh shredding at Winter Park.

April 7th was Joshes birthday and his wish was to do some fly fishing. After doing some research on the internet and questioning a guy at the local sporting goods store we ended going to Clear Creek in Golden Colorado.
Josh shooting the line at Clear Creek in Golden, CO

After whooping it up with some friends in Boulder the night before we ended up going back to Winter Park for some more fun on my Birthday.
Then it was time to head back to Texas, but not before meeting up with our friend Mike in Salida for a couple nights of camping and a day at Monarch for a little more time on the snowboard.

Mike and I decided to climb to the top of a nearby hill for a better look at the surrounding mountains. This is wear I learned a valuable lesson (Never judge a hill until your at the top.)

The best part was that we got to go (Bear Grylls) style down.

I have never seen as many stars as I did from our campsite, just outside of Salida.

Mike catching some air at Monarch

Photography fun with headlamps and glowing frisbees.

These are a few of my favorite photographs from our incredible journey.

Hope you enjoyed them.

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  1. Nice job. It was a pleasure taking a break from my computer crap to look and read about your trip. Thanks for sharing! ~Jay


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