Brazos River Day Trip

Yesterday I went out with my two best buds, Josh and Sam to paddle the 8 mile stretch of the Brazos River that flows just below Lake Whitney.  Usually the river here is crystal clear, unfortunately they had recently released water from the damn stirring it up creating a river with the consistency of chocolate milk.  Although we didn't catch anything, this portion of the river is supposed to have an abundance of fish including large mouth bass and striper.  Here are few photos of from the day trip.  

Rollin' Dirty 

The Bluffs on this part of the river trickle water down into the river. 

Josh fighting the giant rapids. 

There was an abundance of wildlife for it being early February. 

The sun decided to make it out which made it a comfortable 65 degrees and no wind making the perfect conditions to be on a boat. 

Sam's a little confused as to why I'm in the boat and he is not. 
Josh fished a little but without any luck. 
Birds of all shapes and sizes flourish here. 

Due to the drought the river was running a bit low and because of the extra 70 lbs of Sam I was carrying, I ended up dragging the boat towards the end of the 8 mile paddle.  All and all, I'd say it was great stretch of river and I will definitely be back soon.  

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