Fly Fishing in Salida CO

Every year my best friend, Josh and I take a trip for our birthdays.  Mine is April 8th and his is on the 7th. I can't think of any better way to spend my birthday than with my best friend smack dab in the middle of nature.  This year we decided to head to Salida CO to fish for brown trout on the Arkansas River.  For me, this would be my first time to fly fish.  Sure I've thrown a line or two but usually I'm the photographer, not the fisherman.  It was extremely hard to put down the camera and fish but when I forced myself to, it was like magic.  It felt as though it was just me the fish and that river.  Nothing else in the world mattered.  While I didn't catch anything and only hooked one fish I did however come back with some cool pics.  
Hope you enjoy. 

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