Fishing at Squaw Creek Reservoir

On Friday I went out to Squaw Creek Reservoir with Josh and Jason from the Jackson, Mountain Sports Kayak Fishing Team.  Despite the wind and rain, we did pretty well.  Check out the photos from the day and for more pics by me check out my website at



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  2. How does the discharge from the Comanche Peak nuke plant impact the fish and other marine life in the Squaw Creek Reservoir?

  3. Mayla- All the bass and one catfish looked really healthy. I would like to say that since the water is warmer than it would be without the power plant they get bigger, quicker. However, I am not a scientist and really have no idea. The water looks good and I wouldn't think that the power plant would be able to dump toxins into the water but in this day and age it seems like money buys the freedom to do whatever you want. That being said, I wouldn't eat anything out of the lake without having a trusted scientist run tests.


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