Feisty Bass at Cleburne State Park

I went out with Josh from Mountain Sport on Friday and boy did we have a great time.  We first went out to George's Creek because we thought that the rain may have filled up the creek and we might get into some good fly action up there.  Unfortunately, the creek was really low and because of the spring growth we had to hike up the river to reach the pools.  

Sam came with us for support. 

Josh's homemade fly box. 

After George's Creek we went to Hollywood and Vine for some delicious wings and burgers then decided to check out the lake at Cleburne State Park.  

I caught this guy off the bank after being there 10 minutes. 
He fought like a 5 pounder. 

Josh and Sam decided to take a nap while I fished and shot this turtle. 

I had to wake Josh up from his nap to take a picture of this guy. 

Josh ended up hooking 4 or 5 bass and most of them threw the hook within feet of the boat if not while already in the boat.  I'm telling you these guys were as feisty as I've ever seen. 

Proof of the feistiness.

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Thanks and have a great day.  


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