Katie America at Wheeler Branch

I had the pleasure of going out to Wheeler Branch with the awesome, Katie "America" the other day.  Wheeler Branch was a little low and the water was very murky compared to last year.  I did notice that they were pumping water in which could have been why the water wasn't that beautiful blue green that I remember.  Also, they seemed to have cut down at least half of the timber and just left it in the water along the banks.

First time I've ever run into a game warden and much to my surprise, she was super nice even while she wrote me a ticket for leaving my license at home.  Which with one fax I had it dismissed by lunch the next day.

Katie "America"

The fishing was slow but I did manage to catch a few dinks.  This one being the biggest of 3. 

All in all, it was a great day on the water and remember that sometimes scuba divers practice emergency situations out loud and on the water without any warning.



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