New York Day 5

 Ithaca, NY Day 5 
Stock Tank

Of course I grabbed my cup of joe at Brookton's Market before going to check out Just a Taste, which is where Clint works.  Its a cool little farm to table restaurant that serves everything from chicken wings to shark. 

After that I met up with Mike, Josh and Jamie to go to the Finger Lakes Preserve.  Its a gigantic piece of property with two spring fed tanks on it.  The upper one has catfish and the lower one rainbow trout.

Jamies catfish


This place was beautiful and awesome.  We ended up catching anywhere from 40-50 fish on the day.  

Mike landing a solid Rainbow Trout out of the Jackson Cuda.

Fat boy

The catfish are all in the upper tank and not interested in chum but they are interested in wooly boogers with a little piece of beef jerky hooked on.  
This guy took me for a ride on my 6-7 rod and is the biggest and hardest fighting fish I've caught to date on a fly rod.  He also tasted soooo good. 

The rainbows were on all day hitting mostly wooly boogers.  We were probably averaging a fish every 10-15 minutes.  Then we threw out the chum and the chum flies and it was on.  Nearly a trout every cast and even had a fish on every line at one point.

Next up: The Catfish Dinner.


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