Miami, NY, LBJ National Grasslands, the Trinity River and more

It has been a crazy couple of months.  I've done some traveling and rebuilt my website which is now up and running at  Check it out.  
That hasn't given me much time to post blogs and now that I have a minute I'm catching up. So this is what I've been up to for the past couple months. 

Had a shoot in Miami for Essense of Australia. 

Mark Cubans boat 

I did have the chance to go out with Guillermo to do a quick trip in the everglades.
Slow fishing but a good day. 

Jupiter was really close to the moon and us.  I'm not really sure what that means in the grand scheme of things but I had to go out and shoot it. 

Then I went to L.B.J. National Grasslands with my buddy Andy for an overnighter and some hiking as well as, scouting for next #duckseason. 

Brought my boy Sam with us.

Attention all #Hunters!
Clean up your trash!
The entire place was covered with shotgun shells from irresponsible hunters.
It makes me mad when you have such a cool place to go out and hunt or fish or just have a relaxing time at and people leave there #shit all over the ground. 

Andy's Cabin.

Did a ton of #hiking

Built a nice #fire and cooked some #duck too


#Jupiter and its moons

8 hours after waking up in a tent on public land, I landed in New York City. 

Time Square 

Grand Central

The crew ended up eating at this great place in Brooklyn called Aurora for the wrap dinner

Met these guys at a bar 

Then I shot some food 

The I shot Guillermo's headshot 

Shot some skeet with Andy and Houston

Andy just got the Outlander and it is such a cool gun and I loved shooting it.  However, I feel like I take my time better with my pump.  #learning

Fished the Trinity in Down Town Fort Worth with Josh, Guillermo and John

Josh seems to find fish in the oddest places 

I paddled the Coosa HD.  This is a sweet boat.  Pink is ok but I think I'm going to get this one more of a camo coloring as my demo for the year.  I really like the way it tracks and turns on a dime like the Coosa.  Plus, without the center console there is plenty of room for my cameras and to stand up. 

Love me some ducks

#Muscovy Duck

John catches a cat

Nice #bass

Anyways, thats what I've been up to. 
Hope y'all enjoyed it. 

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