Gunnison Colorado

After being on lockdown for several months, I decided that the weather was nice and I need to get out for a camping trip with my boy Sam.  Looking for some water to play in I got on Google Maps and followed the Gunnison River to Blue Mesa Reservoir and chose Gunnison as my destination.  

I pulled into the area just in time to find a campsite on public land just north of Blue Mesa Res.  

In search of some trout Sam and I headed to the inlet of where the Gunnison meets the Reservoir.  We caught a few little guys before an afternoon storm rolled in and pushed us off the water.  So we decided to head into town for bite to eat and to see what the trout were biting on. 

A curry dish fromTwisted Fork was just what the doctor ordered. 

Gene Taylors Sporting Goods is pretty awesome spot for any outdoor gear you might need and the sales rep was up to date on what the fish were biting on.  I ended up grabbing tube jigs in white and watermelon red for the next day. 

Then we went on to explore in and out of town and found it pretty charming.  There's a lot of awesome looking restaurants, shops and the locals are super nice.  The views just out of town are spectacular and you might even see some wildlife.

One of my favorite spots is the standing wave on the Gunnison.  It was good hangout spot with a lot of awesome people hanging out and doing what they love (surfing waves)

And back to camp for the night. 

The next day we headed out with new bait and some knowledge from Gene Taylors.  I had variety of trout follow my white tube to the boat however, when I changed over to the watermelon colored tube they started biting. 

Sam was exhausted and the afternoon storms kicked up and kicked us off the water again so it was time for some food and a beer.  

the dive is a pretty rad bar with a food truck built into the inside and plenty of beer choices on tap. 

My experience of Gunnison was great and I will be visiting again. 

Have a great day.

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