Purtis Creek Tournament Pre-Fish

I know its been a long brutal winter for North Texas fisherman but spring is here and the fishing is on.  At least at Purtis Creek State Park it is.  I went out with Josh and Jason from the Mountain Sports Kayak Fishing Team on Saturday to pre-fish for the Capital City Kayak Bass Fishing Tournament coming up this weekend and we each caught a few fish.  I cant say what were catching them on and I have even went to such lengths as to have my belated grandmother guard the secrets of out success for the tournament.  I will tell you this though, fried calamari drop shotted is probably your best bet.  The day started out cold and windy and ended with glass like water and the warmth of the sun.  Enjoy the photos and good luck to any of you punks trying to win the tournament. 

Large Mouth Bass 

Small Mouth Bass?

One of my favorite things about being in a kayak is that when you get stuck in a tree, you can almost always get your bait back. 

Josh being sexy for the camera 

Beau Reed all the way from Austin, TX.

Ninja caught a nice one.

This is for PITA 

Black Vulture.


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