Thursday, December 18, 2014

New York #4

Ithaca Day 4 
Fishing the Tioughnioga River

I started the day off with another delicious cup of coffee from Brookton's Market before I met Ken and Mike up at Puddledockers to pick up our boats from Philip.  We ended up getting two Jackson Cruises 12's and a decked out Jackson Cuda 14.  The water was flowing pretty good and it rained off and on all day.  Ken ended up catching the only fish of the day, a Walleye.  But as always, a day on the water is a good day.

Mud Fish
I've never seen one of these before. 

I've also never seen one of these in person.

Bald Eagles all day

Unfortunately, we didn't have many fish to show this day but check back for a post from the following day and I swear you'll pee your rainbow trout panties with excitement.