Saturday, December 13, 2014

New York- Day 2

 Day 2 of my NY adventure.

This is the A frame that Clint lives at.  I love the natural spring creek that runs in front of the house. 

Here are some photos of the fog coming out of the trees.  What a spectacular sight all morning long. 

Then I headed over to Jordan's place off Fish road.  He lives in a nice little cabin with sliding glass doors on almost 3 sides overlooking some beautiful acreage and a sweet pond.

I must have caught 30 bass.

More of Ithaca's finest brew

After fishing most of the afternoon I stopped by the Ithaca Beer Company for a grass fed beef burger and a couple of beer.  

Then Clint and I went back to his house for a campfire a bit of relaxation with his neighbors. 

We then had to go for a walk up the hill behind his house for a few long exposures. 

This is an abandoned house right down the street.