Monday, December 15, 2014

New York Day 3

Day 3 in the Finger Lakes Region of New York. 
What a great time of year to be in such an awesome area of the country.  The leaves are changing color and falling off the trees.  The weather is nice and changes from day to day.  70 degrees one day to 30 the next and raining off and on.  The air is fresh and the water is clean.  

This is Brookton's Market. It is my favorite place to get my morning coffee and check my email.  It is within walking distance from Clint's place and is your one stop shop for all of your food and beverage needs, as well as being a live music venue.

After my cup o joe I headed over to the Wide Awake Bakery in Ithaca where my buddy Jordan works.  They make some of Ithaca's finest bread. 

Jordan and Walter. 

After I took photos at the Bakery I met Clint back over at his place. 

We had lunch at the Dryden Hotel on our way to the Cortland Line Factory Store for some flys. 

And of course no night with the Garrett boys is complete without a few beers and a raging fire.