A Slow Day on the Brazos

Josh and I rolled into Soldiers Bluff Park last Saturday night just as the storms were settling down.  We set up camp, had a few beers, and took a couple of photos before turning in for the night.  Waking up a little later than we had planned, we quickly got our gear together and headed out to Dick's to put in.  At and around Dick's there was vegetation growing nearly all over the water leaving very little fishable area.  
Paddling up stream the vegetation ended and the dragging began.  We probably went 4 miles up and ended up dragging one of them.  If we weren't dragging or looking through the weeds, the water was chocolaty and without even a bite to be had.  This is strange because the last time we fished this area the whole river from the damn to Dick's was crystal clear.  It could be from the lack of water being released from the damn or the amount of air boat traffic (probably both) but the fishing was sub par this time out.  

The water was so low that we ended dragging about a mile total. 

nap time 

Caught this bad boy 5 minutes before taking out.
1 of 2 fish I caught on the day and under the same tree. 




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