Stock Tank Fishin'

Went out with my buddy Andy on Sunday to his family property in Decatur.  They have four stock tanks, two of which are up and keeping fish at this time.  My goal was to catch a couple of catfish for dinner. 

This is Perk.  He owns the land. 

Andy with his stink bait. 

On the way down we hit some heavy rain driving through Fort Worth but by the time we got to Decatur it had let up and left us this really cool stretch of clouds. 

One Bass.


This is the pond that hosts the cats.  Unfortunately, the vegetation had taken over the entire pond.  Check out the prop on Andy's trolling trolling motor. 

Two Bass 

Groovy sunfish.  I caught both bass and this guy on a sweet potato wacky worm. 

No luck on the catfish but had a great time checking out this beautiful piece Texas that I haven't seen in 12 years.


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