LBJ National Grasslands and the New Jackson Kilroy

Went out to the LBJ National Grasslands with Josh Walker and Jason O'Brien of the Mountain Sports Kayak Fishing Team on Wednesday.  I started out paddling the new Jackson Kilroy which is a bad mo fo if I do say so.  The Kilroy is a sit-in kayak and probably one of my favorite boats to paddle thus far.  For me, being a photographer means that I have a ton of expensive equipment all over the boat and non of it is waterproof.  With this boat it has plenty of room to stash all of my fishing and photo gear with easy access to it all.  Even with the seat in the high position, it feels like you would really have to work at tipping this boat over.  Also, the Kilroy seems to move through the water a little quicker as well as being more maneuverable than the Cuda 12 or the Cruise.  Two negatives of this boat is that I couldn't bring Sam, my 65lb pup.  There just isn't enough room in the back for him to spread out.  Also, you are seated lower in the Kilroy, meaning that your vision through the water isn't as great.  However, you can always stand up.  If your not planning on bringing a dog over 40lbs, I would definitely recommend the Kilroy.  
So... We went to the LBJ National Grasslands and started out at Clear Lake.  Josh and Jason both caught a few dinky bass and I ended up catching 3 dinner sized catfish.  Yay!  One was kinda small so I tossed her back in for later.  Around noon we decide to check out Black Creek Lake.  Bass wise, it seemed to be the same.  They both caught a few dinks and I was unable to catch anymore cats.  Both of these guys had their fish finders on and it seemed as though the fish were suspended on both lakes and not interested in any of the tackle we threw.  It was a fun day and I plan on going back to these beautiful lakes again.  

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